Red Velvet Apron

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Dazzle your guests with our extraordinary Hostess Apron from the Joie de Vivre Couture collection. This hand stitched gorgeous burst of color will make any Hostess feel special. The T&M House of Design has teamed up with artistic designer Marsha Tauber to create a lush line of kitchen couture, featuring high-end French fabrics to celebrate the Joie de Vivre lifestyle. Inspired by the charm of the Bourgeoisie and the romance of French cinema this sexy, fearless and fun apron brings out the hospitality diva in all of us. Joie De Vivre -Make life’s special moments sparkle!

Handmade in the USA.  Silky cream charmeuse lined Red Velvet Skirt Apron. One-size fits all. Czech stone buckle adorned sash.